Go-Ride Shaw Forest Park

Shaw Forest Park is an open space located in West Swindon.

The coaching takes place on the large open grass areas in centre of the park.

Meeting point is by the stone benches on the mound near the car park.

Note there are no toilet or cafe facilities at Shaw Forest so come prepared.

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There is a car park accessed from the Peatmoor side off Mead Way.  The entrance road is at the roundabout with the Fiat Garage.

WARNING:  There is a height restriction on the entrance so be aware if you have bikes on roof carriers.


Go-Ride Timetable

  • 10:00 to 10:10  Arrive and register
  • 10:10 Coaching session starts
  • 11:10 Coaching session ends


Go-Ride Requirements


Go-Ride Cost

We ask for a £1.00 donation which is used to fund the Go-Ride activities.  Coaching is all voluntary.



Depending on the number of riders and coaches the session will be run as either one or two groups.  Each group will be no more than 15 riders.

Group 1 – Younger/novice riders, age range 7 to 9.

Group 2 – Older and/or more experienced riders, aged 8 to 11.

Group 3** – Older riders aiming to take part in competitive events, aged 10 to 13

** The Group 3 session will take place if we have sufficient riders and coaches.  Otherwise we will just have two groups. 

What we do

The coaching is based on the British Cycling Go-Ride coaching program and is based around exercises to improve bike handling skills such as cornering, braking, gear selection, riding with other riders, balance and co-ordination, etc.  Towards the end of the session we usually incorporate some race type activities so riders can apply their skills in a competitive (but fun) environment.


Be Prepared, before the session

  • Make sure bike is in good working order
  • Make sure helmet is in good condition and fits correctly
  • Wear appropriate clothing  (nothing loose that can catch on the bike)
  • Gloves or cycling mitts are recommended
  • In cold weather wear layers that can be removed when riders warm up
  • In hot weather bring water and apply sun screen
  • In wet weather have some spare clothing and maybe a wet jacket


Please arrive in good time so we can start the coaching session promptly at 10:10 with all riders present.  We aim to finish on time at 11:10.  We know parents and riders are busy and have other commitments so we want to adhere to the timetable.