Tuesday Lydiard Park

Lydiard Park is situated to the west side of Swindon and is owned and managed by Swindon Borough Council.  This fantastic park has many facilities including cafe, playareas, walled garden, lake, Jungle Park (aerial tree activities!), sports fields and historic house.

So as well as the cycling there is plenty more for visitors to do.  Visit their  website   here and plan your day out.

Go-Ride Meeting Point

Meet and register on the sports field just the other side of the play area near the cafe.  We might have a gazebo or some flags up to help you find us.


Go-Ride TimetableGoRideGazebo600px

  • 18:00 to 18:15  Register  (fee is £1.00)
  • 18:15  Introduction and rider briefing
  • 18:20  Coaching Start
  • 19:10  Coaching ends
  • 19:15  finish



Maxiumum of 30 riders total, divided into 1 or 2 groups depending on number of riders and coaches attending.  Maximum group size  20.

Group 1 – Younger/novice riders, age range 7 to 11,  coaching area is other side of play area on the sports field

Group 2 – Older and/or more experienced riders, aged 11 to 14, coaching area is further towards event field.


What we do

The coaching is based on the British Cycling Go-Ride coaching program and is based around exercises to improve bike handling skills such as cornering, braking, gear selection, riding with other riders, balance and co-ordination, etc.



The coaching may be cancelled due to request from Lydiard Park warden (e.g. other major events taking place), very bad weather, or no coaches available.  Generally the coaching will go ahead, even in wet/showery conditions.  If in doubt check this website as cancellations will be notified here.


Be Prepared, before the session

  • Make sure bike is in good working order
  • Make sure helmet is in good condition and fits correctly
  • Wear appropriate clothing  (nothing loose that can catch on the bike)
  • Gloves or cycling mitts are recommended
  • In cold weather wear layers that can be removed when riders warm up
  • In hot weather bring water and apply sun screen
  • In wet weather have some spare clothing and maybe a wet jacket