Autumn Cyclo-Cross

September to January is the traditional cyclo-cross racing season.

Similar to cross country running (but on a bike!) riders race for 15 to 60 minutes (depending on age) around a parkland circuit.  Courses may be flat, hilly, dry, dusty, wet, slippy, muddy and twisty and it is the variety of courses that makes cyclo-cross such fun. No two race circuits are the same.

In the Swindon area we have two regional leagues

Western Cyclo-Cross League    covering Bristol to Gloucester

Wessex Cyclo-Cross League    covering Newbury to Southampton

Both leagues run regular races at different venues through out the season.

Anyone can take part.  No special bike is required, just one suitable for off-road riding with nobbly tyres and lower gears.  A Mountain bike is fine too.

Under 10s, Under 12s and Under 16s races are usually in the morning, followed by adult races in the afternoon.

Entry fee for Under 12s is usually around £3.

If you would like more information about cyclo-cross you can find it on the league websites above or email Sean and he will be happy to advise.